How does one report a cheater?

What the title says. Or is the cheat report on Xbox Live enough?


I’m hoping for an answer too, although I’ve never been 100% sure of someone cheating. I had a match earlier where one player wound up with overshield within just a minute or so in the game, I thought for sure he was cheating, saved the clip and reviewed it. Sure enough my teammates were blindly rushing and getting slaughtered, the guy getting the ordinance drop legit.

I feel sometimes there are games where some weird stuff is happening in the game, but it usually ends up being pure speculation out of anger. Haha.

Good thing Halo has Theater mode, eh?
Check the logs from the suspect’s point of view. If you can see obvious hax, use the Xbox LIVE report.

Only thing I can think of is the “File Complaint” on Xbox Live.

> Only thing I can think of is the “File Complaint” on Xbox Live.

This. It might seem impossible given the number of people on Xbox LIVE, but XBL Enforcement actually does look at filed complaints in a timely manner.

EDIT: Just for future reference, please don’t post the names, gamertags, or personal details of apparent cheaters on these forums. We have rules against calling out individuals in a negative fashion.