How does one make it to the featured topics?

Im serious, I don’t really understand how it works. Is it the amount of replies? The interest people partake in the subject? What 343i think is appropriate? All the above?

A bit of everything you have posted, but ultimately 343 chooses which goes there.

343 staff hand select topics to be featured; they generally have to promote good constructive discussion. If you want more information you can review the “improving the waypoint experience” thread pinned in GD

For additional info - it used to be the activity level of topics that got them featured, but users started spamming rubbish just to get their threads featured which resulted in some not very nice topics being shown on the forums home page. It’s now selected by 343 as comedy noted above

Thank you, that makes sense and scratches the itch on my spine. (Meaning im no longer aching to know about that curiosity)

Usually featured topics are social related.