how does map rotation works?

I played too many same maps in a row. The highest was on Warzone, Raid on Apex 7 for 7 times. Each game took about 20 minutes or more, and total 140 minutes, which is 2 hours and 2 minutes just for Apex. In Arena, The Rig comes to me a lot than any other maps. I personally think Warzone should have veto system, only 4 maps. Also, can any one explain how 343’s rotation works???

It doesn’t really.

I don’t know, that’s a good question

It doesn’t, frankly a veto system really should be in order.

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> It doesn’t really.

^^^^ This

Do you mean, it feels like you played on apex 7 times? Because your game history does not reflect that. It reflects normal rotation. Stop trolling.