How does join in progress work

Point me to a link if you can, but I am wondering how the joining in progress will work. Will this be an option from the matchmaking menu? Or will I just sometimes be put into a game in progress?

The reason I ask is because I play alone a lot and I feel like I would get put into games in progress a decent amount of times and I would rather have an option to never have this happen.

Whenever I played Call of Duty it was one of the things that bothered me most, I would join into a game that I had no chance at winning and would get an auto loss.


I do not know for sure as to if you can set it as something you don’t want to happen, which is a great idea alone.
I do know that it is NOT a matchmaking option to only join in progress games, however if you are trying to play with a friend that is already in a game instead of waiting for him to finish, if there is a spot on his team you may join in progress.

From what I heard, there is a rumor saying that you will be able to select the option to join in progress or start a game from scratch. But like I said, it’s a rumor.

we can only hope it won’t be like CoD where you join a match ends where it says “Game over, you lose!”

yes my first MW3 match ever I kid you not that is what happened lol. When the game puts you in a match that is almost over where you can’t win the win / loss ratio will mean nothing in this game lol

For the record I have nothing against CoD. But the join in progress for those games are lame. Why the game thinks it’s a great idea to shove me in a lobby where the other team has every kill streak out and a score of 7200 and mine has 1200 is so dumb. If this game puts me in matches where the other team has set up spawn killing and have a triple score above the team I’m on I’ll have no prob quitting.

Not seen much myself yet, but I hope that when I want to find fresh games (i.e. new lobbies), empty slots in games aren’t just thrown in the searching. Having “search for empty slots in games” as a search criteria would be welcome, and not just integrated into the default searching criteria. I’ve never liked join in progress for a number of reasons. Not sure if I want to debate those again though. All I’ve seen is that you can join games in progress, and not really anything else. I may have missed some additional details, I don’t know. Hope it isn’t simply integrated into default search like other games out there though.