How does it determine who's host

When I first started playing Halo 4 I was pulling host almost every game, then I noticed after a while I stopped getting it almost ever. Then my xbox red ringed so I got a new one off ebay (still an arcade model) and once again I was pulling host every game for about two weeks. Now the last week or so I am back to not getting it. I made sure to never quit any time I was host so it would keep a perfect host record but nonetheless I stopped getting it.

My connection is great, 30 down 5 up 20 ping. I am watching elumnites stream on twitch and people are talking the chat about how elumnite pulls host literallly every game and has since Reach.

How does it work?? What is the secret?

I think the key is being American.

Seems that way to me, whenever I am against those Americans with a ridiculous k/d, I’ll be lethally hurting them when they are focused on someone else and it just wont register then they kill me somehow.

From my experience anyway.

From what I’ve seen the matchmaking system has several criteria:

1 - geographical location

2 - skill of players

3 - host’s liklyhood to quit mid match

The matchmaking system will them proceed put a group of people mostly in country A against someone people in country’s X,Y & Z who are on basically another continent for the sake of trying to match someones ninja griffball skills into a slayer match.

It will then give host to the guy in country X who is a K/D -Yoink!- and upon having a rough start with almost everyone warping across the map like a bad episode of star trek will then quit dropping, everyone into a black screen.

While in a black screen for some reason player in country Y goes on a rampage and everyone briefly comes back after player Y has been given host - by that time everyone is down a kill. Player Y also a quitter but not because he’s losing but because mum has just called him for his dinner then quits. Everyone back to a black screen.

2 new players are found through JiP and the screen goes black again, new players find their team is loosing badly and quit out… screen goes black again.

The players in country A have enough, quit and go play other games.

So far I have determined that the criteria for host are:
location - Mongolia > Iceland > Timbuktu > everyone else.
connection speed - dialup > people useing McDonald’s WIFI > people maxing their connection downloading -Yoink!- > everything else.

I wish it was like the people above me posted but sadly more often than not Halo 4 uses my formula.