How does HCS work?

Hi there! Vikant again,

I was wondering if anybody could explain me the basics on how does Halo Championship Series work. I think there’s a lot of spartans with no clue on how this works and interested in learning more.

  • Who can play?
  • Where can we register?
  • How long does it last?
  • Is it monthly or how often does it starts all over?
  • How does the point and elimination system works?
  • Who classifies for the raleigh?
  • How can we track the teams playing?
  • What are the prizes and who gets them?

There’s a lot of questions that pop into my mind when I think of HCS, so I would really appreciate (and I think a lot of readers will) if anyone could explain the 101 of this competition.

Thank you all!


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This article seems to have a lot of information, not sure if everything you’re seeking is in there:

If that one doesn’t help, one of these may:

I’ll check both of them, thank you!

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