How does everyone like the HCS playlist so far

So far I love what 343 has done to the FFA playlist and thank them for adding it to the ranked playlist. I’ve been wondering what everyone thinks about the playlists So far and what 343 can do to maintain the playlists population. I only have only 3 major issues being that one the respawnis a little to long it should be back to 6 seconds as well why remove being able to look at other peoples play while on the death camra it allowed an extra element of strategy being able to plan a route to take off spawn and promotes players to rotate the map rather than camp and always sit in one spot. As Well my second issue being the time limit being 12min that’s way to long make it 6 or 8 minutes its not like its a tournament so turn down the amount of time the game lasts plz.
Third for god sakes the playlists is a good idea but we need more than 2 maps to play or it will get boring on I’m pretty sure people won’t mind more more maps like rig or colosseum without their HCS settings or the ones that were current used before this came out without autos and some minor tweaks. But if like to hear everyone else’s thoughts to give dead back to 343

Feel free to use the feedback thread in the HCS section since that’s designed to, well, give feedback. :wink: