How does CoD do Killcams so well?

But, Halo 4 can’t aren’t they doing the same thing?

Cod, got it down so well that if you throw a knife the cam will even follow the knife along it’s path!

What is 343 doing wrong with killcams?

Cod’s been doing it for 10 games, literally

I have a theory it has to do with lag compensation. That is to say, the current killcams show the actual player input, whereas CoD killcams likely show what the “real version” of that kill is compensated for lag. Players aren’t all experiencing the exact same thing at any given moment, and killcams are a reflection of that.

Guess what? It doesnt.

As a long time CoD player I can tell you for fact that those killcams still have problems. Most of them identical to Halo’s current issues. Ive seen hundreds of thousands of killcams in CoD that are glitched due to lag, its nothing new.

Its probably because it uses the data from your xbox, which is going to be a lot less accurate. What they should have done is pulled the all the data from the killer’s xbox, and then give that to all the other players, so they see it exactly as the killer does.

Without going to deep into it all, this is because of how games handle latency. Everyone’s console is updating the positions and actions of everyone else every 1 second for example. Left as is, this would be very inaccurate, as we know even a single second can determine a firefight. So what most games do is use some sort of smoothing to compensate for a player’s actions until it receives the next update and actually knows what they did. It then updates them with this new data, and then compensates again until it receives the next update.

This can easily be thought of considering the player’s velocities. When your system is updated with the velocity of Player X, it will keep them going at that velocity until your system is updated with that players info again. When it is, it then sets the player’s position to their actual position, rather than whatever it was before, because it was just guessing based on previous info.

I believe they use some smoothing for this as well, because is Player X was walking straight when you last got his data, and then he moved left quickly before your game was updated, you would see him moving forward, and then teleport back and to the left as the game adjusts the player’s position from the “assumed” position of the player, to the actual. It uses smoothing to avoid this teleporting.

This whole topic is pretty deep, and there are tons of methods and techniques used to improve how smooth and lag free things look. I am not super knowledgeable on it all, as I specialize in artificial intelligence, not multiplayer networking, but I think that is the gist of it.

> What is 343 doing wrong with killcams?

Having kill cams.


ya cod kill cams are great, great at showing how poorly they made hit detection…

> Cod’s been doing it for 10 games, literally

11 according to the CoD Wiki.
But yea. Call of Duty has had a kill cam since the very first installment. Halo 4 is the first game in Halo’s series to use a kill cam instead of a death cam. Of course there will be issues.

My theory is not to do with lag compensation at all. In fact I believe it has to do with Halo’s netcode in respect to which direction a player is facing.

In previous Halo games, due to their being little need to see exactly where another player was facing. The game most likely treated the direction that a player was facing a low priority. It will just update frequently enough to seem accurate from a 3rd person point of view. They then most likely used smoothing to make it seem not as jerky.

Then they introduced the killcams without taking into account the current netcode for which direction a player is facing. What was barely noticeable from 3rd becomes extremely noticeable in 1st person.

I choose this theory over general lag as some of the killcams just don’t make sense. Even if you account for general lag.