How does 343 turn this one around?

Look, there are a lot of problems plaguing this game, regardless of whether or not you are having fun with the cough 4 slight variations of the same playlist cough cough. Either way, something needs to be done.

1: halo infinite needs more modes. In the reddit post, they said something about testing, but nobody cares. Who cares if people blast through the battlepass? Who cares if the objective playlists don’t have as many players? It has been like that since the beginning, so there really isnt a good excuse for there not being more game modes right now.

2: custom games. Fix custom games. For the love of everthing holy, fix custom games.

3: if 343 is dead set on credits as a system, let players earn credits through gameplay. People will still pay for credits, that’s inevitable. But regular players need a bigger incentive to play, as well as more options for customization.

4: stop making excuses. There are a lot of good things here and they are villinously overshadowed by predatory tactics. I don’t care how it happens, but don’t complain it is out of the hands of the devs, because it is not.

5: progression needs a bit more refinement. It’s not a terrible system, but even if it’s not meant to, it adds to the predatory tactics because it DOES inceintivise buying double xp tokens and challenge swaps, whether that was the intent or not.

6: more. We just need more content. We were promised so much, so it just feels like nothing has been delivered. Even if you’ve shelled out as much money as possible, the custimization still sucks for the most part. This is the bottom of the priority list, but is still essential for the longevity of this game.

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Make it buy to play…simple…Do what the legacy demands


I would love that, too, but it doesn’t sound like the shop or free-to-play model are going away anytime soon. If that were to happen, it might be late into the game’s lifecycle. It kinda sucks to say, but from that reddit post it really sound like 343 is dedicated to the ftp model; glued to it. I would love for the one year update to be exactly this, buy the game, but I think if that is possible at this point, then it won’t come for a while.

They can’t any time soon… From what they’re saying they have too much work to do and then on the campaign side of things we are supposed to get coop and forge that they need to work on still??? Will we even get firefight ? Is warzone still a thing ?
Lol by the time they do anything to a level where people are actually happy everyone would have left. I can’t see many people returning either.

Tbh they are handling alot of stuff on there own, reason why bungie was successful was because bungie produced the product where 343 developed the product they had help where they haven’t had help since halo 4 with a direction