How do you want Grappleshot to work in the Campaign?

I am hoping that it doesn’t work like it does in Multiplayer. I like the way it is in Multiplayer having limited uses, but for the Campaign I hope that it has infinite charges with a cooldown. What do y’all think?


I would prefer it to be a limited use equipment in order to force the player to strategize with its user in a similar way to Equipments in Halo 3 or Powerups in Halo CE.

Perhaps the number of uses on the grappleshot will be different depending on the difficulty you play on.


I would prefer it to be limited uses. I think it should be more of a tool than an “ability.” Could change the dynamic of campaign gameplay.

Oooh I like this idea

Maybe a cooldown, I dont want scarab fights to be finished in seconds using the grappleshot (If there even is one, hopefully there is as there are Banished Scarabs in Halo Wars 2)

It depends on how the missions are constructed. It could very well be unlimited use if it doesn’t break the campaign mission it’s available in.

No one seems to have a problem with the Scarab fights in Halo 3 that could be finished in seconds by simply landing your Hornet on top and going straight for the core.


Yeah, I don’t get what @BigODST is saying. The scarab has always been easy to take down.

There are a couple of Scarab fights in Halo 3 where you don’t have access to a flying vehicle, so you are supposed to shoot the legs until the Scarab helpfully crouches down to let you up. Presumably that’s what was meant. But in The Covenant level, that’s when you fight two Scarabs with access to a Hornet, and no one seems to mind that.

An easy way to make the fights not end in seconds because of grapple would be to change up how destroying the Scarab works. Add multiple cores or weak points located in different areas that have to be destroyed, and increase the defense complement of Banished.

i was thinking unlimited uses but the missions force you to change the power-ons in order to be more effective

It appears to be that way from what footage we got to see of it. I’d prefer this as well, a cooldown with 3 uses max that replenish as they are on cooldown.

Ya I like that idea because I can imagine myself using it to move around but I end up in a desperate firefight, and I try to grapple away bu t the cooldown hasn’t reset. I like this becasue it forces me to plan my encounters a little better, and makes them more chaotic.

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