How do you unlock the fractures backdrop?

In the Spartan ID menu, there is a backdrop simply named “Fractures”. It looks like a broken Halo ring. I unlocked it on Nov. 23rd, but my friend who didn’t get the game until Dec. 8th can’t seem to unlock it. I’m pretty sure all I had to do was login during the event and it was just given to me, so I don’t know why my friend is having this problem.

Is there anyone who didn’t participate in week 1 of Tenrai that has this backdrop? Was it an early access thing or what?

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From this article on the website:

To celebrate the start of this event we are also going to be gifting all players who login the legendary Fracture backdrop which players can equip as part of their Spartan ID. Jump in anytime during this first week of Fracture: Tenrai to receive it.’


Thank you. Tough break I guess.

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