How do you unlock helmets fast?

How do you unlock helmets fast ? All I’ve been getting from req are visors

Just keep grinding packs. It’s just luck of the draw with req packs… Open nothing but silvers till they refund two 1500 point req cards then open golds… That way you get all the silver level unlocks out of the way since they are also in the gold level req pool. That is the fastest way to get everything.

To unlock all 238 helms in the game, you must keep buying REQ packs, whether it’s with in-game currency or real money. But note that 12 of them cannot be obtained from normal REQ packs

only but bronse packs until you are not getting any more permanent items, then start buying silver packs until you are no longer unlocking any permanent items and then and only then you should start buying gold packs until you have unlocked everything.

I used the strats you guys helped me a lot thanks

Please don’t revive old topics thanks