How do you think 343i should have handled monetization?

Feel free to share your concept below. If I were in charge at 343i, I would have done the following:

Charge $60 for the campaign and 4 complete armor core battle passes (no cut content if it’s already made), with the promise of Forge and Firefight when they’re ready. Included would be:

  • Mark V [C.E. inspired]

  • Mark V [B]

  • Mark VI [Gen 3]

  • Mark VII

  • Traditional primary and secondary color selector

  • Cross-core customization from day 1

This content would act as the base on which to build future content. It provides a reasonable amount of content that is in line with past Halos. (And, for what it’s worth, gets away with a lot of rehashing of old cosmetics. The fact that they removed items from the “Heroes of Reach” battle pass just to sell them in the store for double the price of the battle pass is just scummy.)

For future content down the line, they could resort to microtransactions, whether it be:

  • $10 - $20 for the Mark V, V[B], VI and VII individually (for players who don’t want every armor core)

  • $10 - $20 battle passes for new armor cores

  • $1 - $20 exclusive cosmetics like that cat ears and particle effects

  • $1 - $10 armor color and texture (modifier) exclusives not previously possible in past Halo games

  • $1 - $5 bundles for XP boosts and challenge swaps

It’s not too late if 343i wants to try this method out.

Unfortunately, 343i seems to currently be banking on whales (big spenders), clueless normies who don’t know any better and FOMO sufferers. I am not a business expert, but this doesn’t sound like a sustainable business model. Most Halo fans are upset with the system, so they can’t be counted on to spend money. The whales tend to get bored and move on eventually. Normies probably don’t game a lot or care much for Halo and won’t stick around. If 343i wants money from the Halo fans, they need to change.

Unless 343i does something like I mentioned, they will have only made a whopping $10 off of me and not a cent more. (I played the campaign on Game Pass for $1 and, after unlocking all the campaign content and achievements, somehow got a full refund of the dollar). Had they not been greedy, they could have made at least $60 and likely more in the future, but with the current system as is, they drove me away a potential customer and I have a feeling I am not alone. But, I am not going to complain about it; I’m just going to move on from Halo: Infinite. I offer them the chance to remedy the situation with my own ideas, which I believe are quite reasonable. If they don’t use them and instead stay the current course; whatever.

Anyway, how do you think 343i should have gone about monetization?