How do you tell if someone is cheating

After nearly six months of regular play I’ve finally come across someone who I think was cheating.

Up until now I’ve just been lucky.

But what do I look for to be sure? It was Tactical Slayer and they pretty much went close to 50 and 0. It pretty much felt my team (I was part of a squad of 3) that we were being shot immediately on moving around a corner. Instantly. First shot to the head each time.

My son saw this player then shooting some random shots into the distance late in the game. Maybe to try and reduce their final game accuracy?

I looked the player up on Halo Tracker and their overall K/D is 1.6 and a win rate of 58% - so no huge red flags there. Their ranking was D4 - so while I would expect them to spank me pretty easily - my son (D6) should have been able to hold his own.

But their last few games; 42/5, 47/1, 48/1, 41/3, 25/5, 39/1, 35/2, and 43/2.

Maybe they are just really good at SWAT?

I’m assuming the best thing to do is watch theatre from their perspective - but what am I actually looking for?

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I don’t think I’ve run into anyone yet who I think is completely obviously hacking, so I’m going more off second hand experience (talking with PC buddies, and chatter on reddit).

The “shooting blanks into the sky or walls” on purpose is the largest red flag for someone hacking that I’ve heard about. Because their accuracy would be almost perfect without doing it, so it’s the only way for aim hackers to make their post game stats look kinda normal.

That only works as a way to spot aim hackers though. Wall hackers accuracy isn’t necessarily good enough to have to do that (i assume)

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Yep, do that. And since they were just shooting shots for no reason, you can probably assume (unless they were blowing off the rest of the magazine, which I do if I have extra bullets) they were cheating. Be sure to report them to halo support too.

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I dont know enough of the programming to explain the auto fire hack, but with the wall hack, they look right at you at times and put their cursor right on you.
Its like -Yoink!-, you know it when you …wait a minute.

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Automatically firing in terms of scripting/programming boils down to sending the input code associated with whatever button press the game has associated with firing the Player’s primary weapon. In terms of botting it’s conceptually easy but a little trickier in implementation. An unsophisticated bot won’t:

  • Ensure the time between keypresses (delta time) is humanly possible
  • Have variance in the delta time itself - 100% consistency is suspicious
  • Stop playing the game - no one should be playing a game literally 24/7/365

There are probably more things a sophisticated bot would look to mask in terms of input but it all boils down to replicating the limitations of human physiology and behavior/performance with respect to those limitations. There are some pretty interesting research papers around anti-cheat on google scholar if you want to explore on your own.

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The only real way to get proof is to go into theater and turn on outlines to see if they’re tracking through walls. Unfortunately, wall “hack” programs are really the only cheats that can be caught since theater remains broken.

You can’t prove aim bots using theater footage since it doesn’t show what actually happened in game. The only way I can think to catch one is to bait them into killing all four teamates in different locations in SWAT and use the live footage through a recorded clip.

That and those who are blatantly using one and not trying to hide it. There was this one script kitty I played against where he couldn’t control which direction he was aiming until the program locked onto a player, so he’d be walking around not facing in a sensible direction then all of a sudden be shooting us.

Unfortunately, for some reason, 343 doesn’t tell you if they take action against a player, so you’ll never know if they get banned. I’ve reported 3, I think, out of the ~10 suspected players I’ve run into, and out of those 3 I think one of them got banned. I say this because shortly after I reported them, they changed their gamertag and blocked me.

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The thing I don’t understand is what they get from it?

How does cheating and going 47-1 actually help you? It wasn’t even in ranked.

There can’t be any sense of satisfaction to this? You can’t brag about it on social media. Nobody is going to open their messaging and tell you “gg” or “wow, you are awesome”.

Are they just trolls? Their satisfaction coming from ruining the game for everyone else?

What exactly is the end game here?

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I wish I knew.

It could be they have fragile egos that need bolstering.

It could be someone trying to get an audience to stream to by being good.

Some men… some men just want to watch the world burn.


It’s weird. I find no satisfaction in beating people lower than me (although there aren’t many).

Whenever there is an obvious mismatch in Social… or we end up 4v3 or worse in Ranked… I usually spend my time practicing map movement and jumps. Smashing those who actually choose not to quit is not my cup of tea.

I really don’t get it.


Note this is an edge case but one that does exist - cheaters have gone pro, got caught, and got banned from professional scenes. I’m not aware of this happening in Halo but it has happened in CS:GO. Which goes to say cheaters can 100% tout their achievements. After all if the game - the single source of truth - hasn’t judged a Player to be cheating then what does the opinion of others matter? Especially when all nay-sayers can be blocked/banned from a user’s page.

The same as its always been - pursuit of pleasure, money, and/or status. As @GODZILLASbro117 points out the manifestation of that pursuit varies - money from creating and selling the bot, status and money from using the bot as a performance enhancer, or taking the previous one to the extreme some form of enjoyment from curb stomping others via an unfair advantage. The list could go on.

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If anyone kills me I assume they’re cheating.


Sadly it goes both ways. If I kill anyone I assume they are smurfing their account.

It’s always a good idea to check a players stats of a suspected cheater, but don’t take their stats data as gospel…simple reason is that they could easily start using hacks on an already established account (ie they’ve only recently bought and use hacks) and a lot of cheaters also use their hacks intermittently.

It’s a dominance thing. Like how cats like toying with mice, it makes a person feel good.

In cheating in online games, there’s no other reason. You’re not winning if your hacking. The hack is winning for you. But a cheater doesn’t care. They just want that sweet sweet dopamine high.
That’s why youll get cheating in something as simple as Among Us. It completely defeats the whole purpose of the game.

If you want to beat cheaters, you need to make their experience infuriatingly frustrating. Something along the lines of no shot landing, or melees not hitting.

I always liked the idea of Jeff as an invisible elite running around killing cheaters while saying “-Yoink!-”

Well. I took a peak at the theatre.

Definite cheating. Multiple times they ran at a wall with their sights trained at a target behind the wall and then followed the target to the edge and one shot them in the head just as they entered into view.

Will try and make a little video of a couple and submit to Infinite support.

Dirty filthy -yoink-.

Usually it’s hard to tell, but I have a little “test” for players I sus to be cheating. I sneak up to them and slide infront of their feet. If their aim goes straight down instead of attempting to back off/jump backwards, there’s a high chance it’s an aim bot or wallhack that lets them see through walls.

A natural Halo player facing this sort of surprise aggressive frontal push will always try and make some distance between yourself and the player because of how powerful melee hits are in this game. Only someone truly foolish or really confident would try to fight a melee ranged opponent with a gun.

This test isn’t 100% accurate but it does help sus out people who are behaving weirdly in matches.

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Generally you can tell in theatre if someone’s aim tracks players through walls, if they do constantly snap on to players outside their field of vision.

The shooting randomly a bunch to lower accuracy is a know cheater trait. Someone with abnormally high perfect kills in normal slayer too.

I’d also say those recent stats are not realistically possible for anyone to achieve either. 45/1 style in multiple games in a row would never happen under normal circumstances because even if the players are stacked, the teammates will be getting kills too.

A lot of people do seem to cry wolf though as they’d have you believe they play cheaters every other game because they get 4 shot. I still haven’t played a cheater yet myself, so I know they can’t be that prevalent by averages.

The people who do it seem to either relish in ruining other people’s experiences or may just enjoy feeling immortal. Some players use cheats in single player to be able to dominate a game Vs AI. I’ve never got it. I guess some want to do that online and will pay for that. Weird, weird individuals. I can only assume majority of them have highly unsatisfying lives.

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I found the person in your game history. Based off their recent overall match history over the past week I’d definitely say they are cheating. Best way to know for sure is go to theater and record the game from their perspective. Then submit it to the support team.

It seems like those players who do cheat in Halo Infinite aren’t as obvious as those in other various FPS games. The stats that you list however seem like there could potentially be some sort of suspicious activity going on.

I’ve only come across one definite cheater in my time on infinite. Went in to theatre and the guy is literally headshoting perfects with the shock rifle 100% of the time and his aim just immediately swivels and pings you within a millisecond of your head appearing around a corner :joy:. He would be looking one way, his aim would jump 180 degrees headshot one, then swivel 90 degrees and headshot a guy across the map who would barely have been visible to the human eye. This went on all game

Pretty sure his gamertag had ‘H4Ck3R 4 or something in it as well, so he had clearly been banned a few times already. It was a fun game, I only got a little annoyed…. Just a little

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