How do you 'standby' in halo 4?

I am asking this because i have VISUAL evidence of people, a whole clan even, doing it. Unfortunatly I am not able to show you this because there is no ability to put it on YouTube. (I will upload it to my fileshare later tonight for those who want to see it.)

Seriously where is the banhammer?

As if anyone is going to tell you how to do it lol

it’s been in tons of games. it has been in halo sense 2 even.

OK, here’s how to do it…

Load up Halo 4, get off the couch and go ‘stand by’ your TV. Now when you are fighting an opponent dance (preferably Gangnam Style) while using the controller. It will win battles every time. I’d have to say i do this almost every game. Automatic win!

Obviously you guys do not know sarcasm.
The point of the question is to show that it goes on unaddressed.