How do you roll the banshee?

I use recon scheme and when I press x and move the left thumb stick in either direction it’ll roll the first few times but after that it stops rolling when I press x. What gives?

Sometimes you’ll hit the vertical limit of the map and it won’t let you perform stunts anymore. Flying lower should help. However, it does seem somewhat inconsistent.

Make sure you arent hitting the skybox since if you are too high it wont to evasive actions

You gotta fly low and turn before pressing ‘x’

The rolling element of Banshees seem to stop periodically. Just even out your flight for a few seconds and it’ll roll again.

Can’t use this thing to save my life especially when rolling lol. Don’t know how some accurately shoot and roll.

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git gud

> 2533274888128363;7:
> git gud

That’s not helpful at all…

I use recon as well. Just make sure your flying low enough to not hit the skybox, or that your x button isn’t wearing out.

Everyone has already answered your question, so I’ll contribute by saying I really wish the skybox was more open for Wasps, Phaetons and Banshees. Kind of how helicopters and planes work in Battlefield. It just always feels cramped for flying vehicles on Warzone.