How do you release HW2 Without a ranking system

Please introduce the beta ranking system this is a major disappointment how do you release a rts with no ranking system absolute laziness.


> - Social / less-stressful playlists are a gentler starting point for players as the community gets hands-on with the game, explores the different modes, units, and strategies and gets comfortable with all the mechanics. - Starting off with social playlists provides some extra cushion for the development team to address any balancing issues that typically don’t become obvious until the player base has had time to really hammer on the game and experiment with different units, strategies and synergies (the Vortex/Blast Unit combo in the Beta is a good example). We’d rather have players exposed to these types of “hot fixable” issues in a social, low-stakes environment than a competitive ranked scenario where the rules are changing in the midst of a season. - Ideally the team would like to align seasonal starts/roll-overs with DLC releases as it’s a natural opportunity to roll in any larger tweaks or fixes that might not be possible as a “hot fix” while also allowing seasons to kick off in parallel to new leaders being released.The team definitely takes the ranked/competitive community seriously and right now the plan is to bring these systems to Halo Wars 2 soon after launch. In the meant time, think of the launch window as more of a “pre season” as everyone gets up to speed on the game and any kinks are worked out before the serious competition kicks in.thanks!

cool thanks still upset lol

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> cool thanks still upset lol

You asked, 343 already answered lol

Way to stick your own foot in your mouth. Now chew like a good boy.

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