how do you link up with for the daily challenge????

i cant find out how to link up with

On bnet, click on your bnet name on the top right hand corner.

you’ll see three tabs in the middle of the page with one that says game settings.

Click on that tab and look for the word “NAMEPLATES”

click on"NAMEPLATES" that and see what nameplates are available to you and set it.

the next time you log onto reach your nameplate will be displayed where your GT is located. play your match and collect your credits

I looked you up. Your gamertag is linked to your account, so you’re nearly there. However, you haven’t yet selected a nameplate, which [I think] is necessary to trigger the challenge.

You need to go to this page as Arsonist explained to you above. There are however some browser compatibility issues on this page, if you can’t see the “submit” button next to any of the options you will need to download a more modern browser, FF3 and IE8 will work fine, though in IE8 you must turn off compatibility mode (the torn-page icon by the address bar). Good luck!

Edit: If you have more questions about the nameplates Sawnose compiled an FAQ here

You need to play a game after linking up too.