How do you like the way 343i sets up their servers?

How do you like the way 343i sets up their servers?

My Server Setup in Custom Games:

Weapons: ( Will setup as soon as we get Forge )

I believe that user’s have the right to pick whatever weapon they like to use. I have every weapon that is in the map at the teams base at startup. That gives the user the option to pick the weapon they like to use. Respawn times are set at 60 seconds. That way you don’t have run all over the freaking map just to find a weapon. Now I do have a few weapons put at different places in the middle of the map. You will always respawn around your base so you can be close to your weapons.

I set the speed to be 10% faster than stock and includes sprint.

Is set at 70% to be able to jump higher. Why? There are no Jet Packs in Halo Infinite.

I always have more vehicles in all of my maps for user’s to use. Repawns set at 90 seconds. ( Will setup as soon as we get Forge )

Shield settings:
I set the shields set at 70% max. Why? So the crappy weapons can actually kill people.

I have been setting up my maps like this and more since Halo Combat Evolved, Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4 and Halo Reach. It gives the user more options when play’n the game. and can be more fun than playing stock maps.

Capture The Flag:
The user will be able to grab the flag and capture at the flag stand the traditional way Halo as always been played unlike the way 343i has setup Capture The Flag. ( Will setup as soon as we get Forge In all of my CTF maps! )

So more things will be added depending on what will be in Forge. I just hope we can get rid of the Soft and Kill barriers and have a copy command in Forge unlike what happen in Reach. ( No Copy Command! )

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I think you mean “game modes”, because I was about to drop a massive riff on how unstable the Azure servers are


It could be game modes or how the servers are setup. Each game mode can be setup anyway you want depending on the map. Personally I don’t having to run all over the damn map looking for a weapons or Vehicles. IMHO that sucks no matter what map or game mode you are playing on.

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Servers are definitely not the same thing as game modes… The server is what allows the game mode to be played. In Halo Infinite’s case, it’s how to make sure you never have a great connection in game.

Same… Swing and a miss.