How do you learn to aim?

Since people play most time using the pistol, I am interested how do they aim so fast and precise? Is there any way to learn aiming?

yes its called campaign. when heroic becomes “normal” difficulty and normal and easy are one in the same your aim is ok.
Use campaign for training.

  • Select proper 1980’s training montage music. - Train hard while being serenaded by said music. - Achieve better aiming in mere minutes.

Also the skulls for lower ammo/stronger enemies being on really helps at any difficulty. As you end up using more weapon variety, getting really good with what you like, and headshots become so important. In gen it seems pretty natural, players either pick it up or don’t after enough time. Plus if you have been gaming long enough/play enough games almost all FPS are so similar now that aiming does seem “natural” (at least to me). Honestly have yet to play any modern FPS where the biggest issue in me “getting better” wasn’t purely about remembering abilities special to each game or the maps themselves, aiming all seems to be the same (in pretty much every game, like halo MP or COD zombies I average like 40% acc). Oh also learning the recoils I guess is pretty good, aiming a pistol is more like a DMR than a BR I’ve found. And, the 1980s music is good too.

If anything the music is the most important part! In anything, if you want to go from just a beginner to a pro, you need a montage!

I learned to aim in this video game by playing this video game repetitively just like anyone should do when trying to learn something new.
Don’t worry, I could barely get a shot off when I first started playing back in 2004.

I read a strategy that I have been using that is definitely frustrating but effective: Free For All. Just hop in, switch to the magnum, and use only the magnum. You will die, a lot. But, you will also get better. Swat, specifically Swatnums, helps as well, as that first shot better land or the other guy will get you. It really teaches you to act fast and get your name on the other guys head.

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