How Do You Hide Posts?

Is there a way to hide posts on Waypoint?

If you go the the Summary page for a user, you have options to mute or ignore them (ignoring means you won’t see their posts). Is this what you’re looking for?

To view the Summary page for a user, either search their ID, or if in a thread, click their Profile pic, then click the little summary box that appears.

What I meant is hiding posts you created. For example, I want to hide certain posts I’ve made.

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OK. You can delete posts. The post will display as deleted but the original can still be viewed by clicking the icon next to the time stamp (if you look at your post immediately above my previous post, you can see the orange pencil icon - click that and you can view post from before you edited. Similar thing for deleted posts).

To delete, click the button button with three horizontal dots to expand options, then click the delete button. I think there is a limit on how long after posting you can delete though.

If it’s a thread you’ve started, you can ask a mod to lock it.