How do you guys feel about the maps

Personally I feel like these are some of the worst maps in halo history, especially visually. None of them stick out or feel memorable to me. They definitely do not feel halo to me either. Looking back at all the great maps from halo 2, halo 3… even halo 5 had some great maps.

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I’m not a big fan of Aquarius on Arena, I almost always get CTF games on it and I hate playing CTF on that map, plus the weapon spawns are kind of lackluster. The rest of the Arena maps I like. As for BTB, not a fan of Deadlock or Highpower, neither one is as well designed as Fragmentation, less precision weapon spawn points, no lootcave, plus High Power is one sided with one team having a much better vantage point over the middle of the map, which is especially advantageous on stockpile.

I must say I disagree with you about none of them visually looking good. Pretty much all of them look good to me graphically and artistically, I especially love the almost cyberpunky look of Streets, with the neon lights and the reflective pools of water on the map.

If i had to pick a favorite map from this game i would probably have to pick Streets, if not just for the cyberpunk city feel like you said. I still don’t think it feels very halo though and i’m not really a huge fan of the layout.

I think Streets works really well on almost all levels.

Recharge probably comes in at number 2. Good clean solid Halo map.

Live Fire at number 3. Pretty good design wise. Probably one of the more balanced maps for competition. Kind of visually boring tho.

Aquarius and Bazaar are serviceable, but not special in any way. They both have an equal chance of being fun or problematic depending on the circumstances of the match.

Behemoth looks fantastic, but not a big fan of the way it plays it either ranked or quick play.

Launch Site is just lame. Its strange enough thematically, and games aren’t all that enjoyable on it. My guess is that they were going for something similar to Terminal from Halo 2, and Terminal isn’t exactly my favorite H2 map, but I’d gladly take it over Launch Site.

Don’t have any strong feelings on the BTB maps yet.

I really like Live Fire and Recharge, but I do miss the iconic Halo art style. One of my favorite maps of all time was Guardian from Halo 3. I made my own separate post about it a while back, but I really hope that they remaster a bunch of the older maps and drop them into Infinite over time.

I like most of them but launch site, and the desert map. Too open, and too big for 4v4