How do you get good games with bad teammates?

If you have a bad team, a team that just keeps dying, and you’re going against a premade team who stays grouped up, how do you do good?

Four individuals in a group are never going to be a match for one team of four members, sorry but thats how it works in anything.

Quit game.

Or clone yourself so you can team up with somebody who does good 100% of the time.

Quit the game, or be honourable and take your punishment.

Not sure what you mean by “good,” but I usually get bad teammates when I solo the playlist and I usually do good by staying with a teammate. Getting assists and kills until my ordinance gets dropped, attempting to pick up weapon spawns, etc. Just avoid initiating battles when outnumbered, and 1v1 enemies whenever you get the chance.

I have this problem! OMGAWSH, actually everyone here is right, I have a solid 4 man team, but when I play alone, man I can get some craptastic teammates. I normally try to stealth around and just keep my K/D as positive or close to it as possible.

I never play team games without 75% of the team count of people I know