How do you feel about Halo Infinite currently, and what are simple things that you feel can improve the quality of life?

As a disclaimer, I would like to ask everyone to keep your feedback constructive and respectful

I do not condone condescending, non constructive criticism including complaining with no resolutions proposed

The intention of this thread is to gather as much of your feedback and insight as possible, to provide simple steps to improve the quality of life in matchmaking; through your experience and your perspectives

TLDR: I have posted a number of threads regarding my perspectives and insight on how to improve the quality of life for Halo 5 Multiplayer (in it’s late endgame, so understandably, no action was taken) and I am looking to do the same now

As I am looking to do the same again, I would love to hear how you currently feel about the game & what can be done to improve it’s quality of life

I feel that the best ways are to look at the simple fixes/suggestions, in order to achieve quicker results, as 343 are doing what they can with where they are; regarding both the game and their current development team

I will be going further in depth into my background and what I mean more specifically with ‘simple’ fixes to improve the quality of life, but I look forward to reading and acknowledging your points and perspectives :slight_smile:

I will be numbering each section so this thread is much easier to digest & understand

  1. Just to provide a bit of my current background, so you better understand my perspective:

I currently run a clan / Halo Infinite community with 150 total members in the server, 96 ‘Active’ and 54 in 'Cryostasis; we have not activity requirement, but members will be moved into Cryostasis for prolonged activity

We have gamenights weekly and have been running since endgame Halo 5

The reason why I bring this forward is that I have learnt much about the game, and how it can be enjoyed further given our current access to content

Some examples of this are:

  • Switching from BTB to custom games, versing Spartan bots when the lobby is bigger than 4
  • When versing bots in Custom Games, having players of 3 - for example - on each team, then adding 3 - 4 bots on each team to increase the lobby size
  • Bookmarking gametypes from Rumble Pit (such as: Ninja Slayer, Fiesta FFA & Vampireball) to play in Custom Games with a bigger lobby
  • Creating ‘fun’ custom games, with specific settings to change up the gameplay and creativity (e.g. shocking slayer [shock rifle, disrupter and dynamo grenades], specific weapons only & also changing movement speed / gravity)
  1. What I have noticed currently is that a lot of people already have, or are currently experiencing burnout with the game

Having a limited amount of content and dynamic of social & competitive gameplay, players lead to feeling burnt out and look to other ways of winding down and relaxing; better enjoying a game with challenging and laid back dynamic

I understand there will always be the exception to the rule, but this is speaking for the majority of players

Given that the only selection is FFA, 4v4 & 12v12, these can be innately competitive given the traditional teams of 4 / larger scale of BTB compared to the traditional 8

Where I am going with this is there is no Action Sack to balance this competitive play with 4v4. Like the endgame of Halo 5 - like the current Fiesta - it is innately challenging and competitive as players are using this to wind down, but have no where else to really turn to apart from Bot Bootcamp / Custom Games

  1. Because I would like to keep this thread as short as possible, I will be creating further threads that will go into how we can improve the quality of life with simple actions, such as Matchamking gametypes and in game mechanics (e.g. credit system, not desync)

I have been playing Halo online since Halo 3, and have not stopped since; I have played continuously throughout Halo: Reach, Halo 4 and Halo 5, whilst also taking part in Halo clans/communities for prolonged periods of time

I have learnt a lot, gained a lot of experience and insight and am looking to continue to share that in order to have other people enjoy the game as much as they can, and experience the same quality of life as I have

Thank you for taking the time to read what I had to say, and again, I look forward to reading all of your responses

Kind regards,

GG Panda GG :slight_smile:


I really enjoy the game overall and mostly play ranked. For social games I would like sbmm to be toned down or removed. The funnest times I had was the old Halos where you met random skill opponents. The better you get at this game the harder every match gets, you are constantly on edge . I don’t want to stomp everyone all the time just sometimes along with taking my stomping when the time comes. Every slayer match shouldn’t end 50-49.

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Easy thing for BTB:
Finally fix one-sided Vehicle Spawns…

  1. Fix the dysync

2.Loosen up the sbmm in casual so it doesn’t put you into servers outside your region

  1. More maps be it old or new

  2. Cross core customization ie remove the stupid limitation that coatings and visors have

  3. The good ol pump shotgun and infection(with flood being the infected preferably) making its return

  4. Actual ranks outside of ranked along the likes of halo 3-5

  5. Match based xp

  6. Sorry if this gets the thread locked more body types that are distinct from eachother ie a big wall of muscle like jorge or a more feminine figure (we already know its possible due to that one game mode we saw pc players launched in custom games)

  7. 343 to stop relying on contract workers

  8. Player collision being turned back on

Honestly disappointed that we are taking a year and we have less content than halo 5 combined with dysync issues


●Better loot system/ free and store items
(Alternate/ multiple means or chances to acquire)

●More to do after weekly challenges.
(Players choice item to chase or chosen drop category)

●No more FOMO
(Exclusives to be made available at some later date.)
(Past season loot available. Maybe second store or thru customization menu)

NOTHING should be gone forever.


Server or region selector for ranked matchmaking. You cant play competitive in ranked, when you have been connected to a distant server with 130+ ms ping.


Sh## i forgot about the store fomo

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  1. Desync. Desync. Desync.

  2. XP progression. Weighted to performance (wins, scores, medals, etc).

  3. Change the scale of the CSR points. 1-1800+ is creating a toxic grind. Make it 1-100 (or even a good old fashioned 1-50).

  4. Keep working on the challenge system (it is improving). But you should NEVER have to rely on the hopper to randomly pop up the game type you need.

  5. Allow us to use equipment in custom games.

  6. Gives us a formal stats API. Or at least save HaloDotAPI.

  7. Slots to save our Spartan set up (armour, coatings, etc.). So we can quickly change between our faves.

  8. More fun post game stats. There is so much you could do with damage. Have an MVP (eg. the most damage that led to deaths).

  9. More maps. Halo 5 ones would work out of the box. Port them over.

  10. Get Forge out. NOW.


We need literally double the maps we have now plus a couple more.

We really need a dedicated PvE mode.

Keep the consistent social arena content coming like we recently had with the playlist and game mode updates.

Bring in a dedicated ranked Team Slayer playlist

Make Infinite’s version of “Warzone Warlords” a 12v12 ranked BTB playlist that shows up for one week a month.


simple. m adding a point refund system for store purchases like fortnite has.

I would say add gifting stuff but. they need to work on cross core and making a better store system not this weekly single season crap first.

  1. Abandon the free to play model and make the game a standard full priced title

  2. Add a Reach, 3, or mixed style progression system

  3. Abolish the season pass and the store and move all those items to the in game progression system

Bring player collision back, add a couple old maps…make the ranked arena either based on mmr and make that visible…or only use the actual rank which is visible, but not based on an invisible arbitrary number.

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Implementation of basic accessibility settings (e.g. allowing the player to disable hit markers, weapon outlines, etc.)

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I come back occasionally to see what’s changed but other than that I haven’t played in a month and won’t play until the next event to complete it and finish my battle pass which I’m still at level 98.

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Social Objective Playlist - things like, 4v4 or 5v5 one flag CTF on Breaker, add a Ghost to Live Fire, one Flag CTF in The Streets, bring back good game types Assault, Territories, Classic King of the Hill. Even H5’s Roaming King.

Neutral Equipment - Grav Lift, Trip Mine, or Bubble Shield. If 343 really wanted to let the fans know they are heard and appreciated, they might consider one thing for the community. Copy and paste H3 Bubble Shield to HI. Blam faith restored.

Player Collision and Friendly Fire - On. Lens Flares and Player Outlines - Off. RvB forever!

Vehicles are still weak.

BTB changes - Only Weapon and Vehicle Pads in Objective game modes. Weapon and Vehicle drop are ok in slayer. Maybe add those to Social Slayer too.

PvE modes.

Fix useless weapons - either improve the Commando’s accuracy or make it smart scope with no descope. Significantly increase red redicle for Pulse Carbine. Brute guns with arching projectiles need redicles that reflect that.

Use the First Flight Radar for Social modes. Walking speed didn’t ping on radar.

Multi-tier game modes like Invasion.

Make the BR projectile not hit-scan. Maybe even a hybrid, close to mid hit-scan, mid to long projectile.

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Weekly rotation playlist. There are a lot options in custom game that haven’t been used in any match making mode such as camo start or zero-g. It’s almost a zero-effort thing to do. I was able to create some crazy mode:

Ghost Slayer: Invisible start, but everyone got a “detection nade(I’ll explain latter)”, so you can use detection nade to detect invisible enemy. “detection nade” is dynamo nade but nerf the damage to minium, when you throw it the it won’t do much damage but it will electrify foes around it and reveal them, also a electric link will show your foes position. Why not using thread sensor: because we don’t have options for starting equippment.
Space Heatwave: Simple, zero-g and bottomless heatwave and maxium grapple start, play best on Catalyst. Grapple can help you move in zero-g. Catalyst is a mapping with large enough empty space and enough wall for you to grapple at (Behemoth is big but lack of wall for traversal). This mode can be made from Ninja Slayer so you can have a grapple start.
Regeneration Slayer: Turn off auto health/shield regenration, but reward you health/shield when you do damages to your enemy. So you have to keep shooting for health and shield. A super sweaty mode since it always end up with 2 players keep shooting each other without dying.
Ghost Ninja: Ninja slayer but everyone invisible.
All these modes can be made from Custom game rn, and it’s very fun. Ask community for these kind of fun mode options and vote them for weekly rotation plz. Even someone don’t think they are fun, they bring fresh air to game and only stay for a week.

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Kind of a dumpster fire full of bad ideas and poor execution of the good ideas.

But it’s still fun when it works and you do good. So I play it regularly for now

@Amoney19866186 @Majin_Eclair
Common theme I’ve found is adjusting the SBMM, as I resonate and agree that playing games back in Halo 3 (for example) were far more laid back, compared to the current games we have on Infinite

As you said Amoney, the games are actually far more challenging and competitive when it is a close game. It is fair, however, there is no balance or dynamic between laid back and competitive gameplay

I noted it in the main part of the thread, but we are already aware of where we stand with desync. This is something that will get sorted out however it is just a matter of waiting. I know this is not ideal, but it is what it is and there’s nothing we can really do to change that; unless we literally became employed at 343 to sort it out

The point of this thread is to look at the ‘little things’ that can drastically improve the quality of life. I do agree that desync is a major issue and needs to be resolved, however there is not much we can do about that right now

@TheShadow_CA @FathomKnight @M1STA_WU1FY
Please refer to the disclaimer that I have provided at the top of the thread. There is nothing with criticism and stating exactly how you feel, but no resoltions nor contributions to how these things can be improved (constructively and specifically) do nothing to better the problem; in fact it makes things far more counter productive than productive for the collective community

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@Mitty_Oo @FORGE_PLAY @Dormiglione @Darwi @WhoLikesChicken @Danlight6999 @vvv_MIA_vvv @Mr_Corporal @Battle @XeonCJJ
Thank you all so much for your perspectives, insights and suggestions. There are a lot of great points and suggestions that I agree with. I will allow for more replies, to see if there are even more commonalities with suggestions, as there have already been quite a few

One thing I need to call forward, is some of the things that have been suggested may seem like a ‘small’ thing to implement, but take a step back and think whether or not implementing these things will actually bring things forward or set things further back. Some of examples of this would be: Battle Pass, Ranking System, Adding New Maps etc

Regarding the Battle Pass and the Ranking System it what it is, I am stating this from a neutral perspective, as I personally loved the ranking system in Halo 3

Referring to new maps, this is something that would take a ‘long’ time to do, and with Forge being released in the next season, this is something that will immensely make up for that. A great example of this is the BTB maps in Halo 5. Every single BTB map in matchamking was created in Forge by the community, and more were in fact created / adjusted down the line

I would love for there to be more maps added, but I am trying to look at the bigger picture and look at where we are at right now. I understand that the game has come across as disappointing compared to other releases, but it is what it is and this is why I am doing what I can to help implement a positive change

Suggestions such as a PvE playlist, 5v5 - 6v6 playlist, Rotating playlists are great examples of how small changes (adding / adjusting matchmaking playlists) can drastically improve the quality of life; not to say that the other suggestions for gameplay, fixes, functionality of the shop and UI systems would not be great too

Thank you all so much for your feedback, I look forward to reading further responses / additions and then providing my synopsis on the commonalities that you have all been mentioning

Much love homies, take care in the meantime :purple_heart:

P.S I have replied with 2 responses, as I am only able to mention up to 10 users in a post*


Maybe have the game be more accurate with progress towards challenges. I hate getting kills with weapons where it doesn’t end up contributing towards the challenge.

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