How do you create a goal for sport gamemodes halo5

So I built a hockey rink and placed ball returns in each net. Problem is when you play in custom games you don’t even have an icon telling your team. “put the ball here my man” you can throw the ball in the net all you want but its no use. I thought I was using the right gamemode. But maybe Im not? I need this to work like the basket ball games. Any help would be appreciated. Im having a MASSIVE brain fart right now

This requires either intermediate level or intense expert level scripting, depending on how you set the map up. This might be over your head if you’re unaware of how to do advanced scripting. Make the map visible, message me on xbl, b0b is here, zero in b0b, and I’ll script it for you. I’ll try not to complicate it so much that you can’t learn it by looking at the scripts.