How do you change armor?

I feel stupid that I had to come to the forums to ask this question, but I can’t figure out how the hell to change your armor from the recruit set. I can customize the color easily enough, but even though there’s stars showing that new equipment is available (probably from beating the campaign on legendary solo) it won’t let me change the set or view any other options.

You unlock more armor by completing commendations. Itll then allow you to change it.

Or just ranking up.

only rises levels and automatically automakers to desblockearan range according luck

Underneath the armour description is the perquisite required. (I.e. Spartan Slayer - Master (commendation) or reach SR-45 (levelling up) )

To clarify, I mean I can’t even see other options for armor. At least one extra should be available since I got the achievement for beating the campaign alone on legendary, but its not letting me see other options for armor besides recruit when trying to change the load out.

This must be a glitch within your game. or your “A” button doesn’t work

My A button works when I’m playing the campaign and in all other menus, so I’m inclined to think its a glitch as well.

The customization armor is pretty cool at times