How do you change an NAT type

srry im not good with stuff like that and when i play halo reach it tells me to change it at but i dont know where to go to change it

Opening your nat type is different depending on the manufacturer of your router.

Now, avoid Port Triggering if at all possible. Before you follow any of these instructions, read what Port Forwarding is, and what Port Triggering is, and what it does.

Your router may have some built in forwarding, so check it out and see if you can locate your manual on those pages. This website has many manuals for such configurations, but it is best to do what you can in your router on your own.

What you need to look for on your router configuration pages is the Virtual settings. The page will have a drop down list with several dozen options to choose from. You will need to know what type of service or program allows the Xbox Live parties, and then look for it in the list. If it is in the list, click on it, and it will automatically be added to the list.

Another option you need to consider is enabling UpnP, in your router, which enabled your programs to talk to the router and make configurations automatically within the router automatically without any input from you. Locate that setting in your config pages and enabled it as it usually ships disabled on routers. After you enable this option, see if you can properly connect to the party before setting any ports manually or in the routers virtual config page.

If it doesn’t work, leave it enabled, but locate your program in the list. If it is not there, then use the link I gave you to locate your router, and the program you need to use.

The worst scenario is that you will need to contact Microsoft with questions on how to setup Xbox Live as you need it in your router, or your computer manufacturer. You may even want to consider contacting the manufacturer of your router and see if the tech department can help you configure this properly.

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> i dont know how to properly post links but i have a link to show you how.

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