How do you Cancel Matchmaking?

Is it me or is the only way to cancel after queueing up is to like exit the game or select the shop or something.
Should be a nice Cancel or B for consoles when your friend says Im going to join.
Am i missing something or is this a good idea that maybe 343 needs heard and can implement in the future?

So long as it hasn’t found a game for you already, you can literally hit B on your controller or I think backspace on the keyboard (idk about the actual button, I use a controller only). At no point in time should it refuse to back you out if you’re still searching for a match.

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It’s hold left stick on controller. There’s a prompt for it at the bottom of the screen. But once you start loading a match you can no longer back out of matchmaking, like MCC.

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Gotya, I am on controller too appreciate it

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For me it’s B and I didn’t change any button configs.

Didn’t realize that, saving my life there, appreciate it


Interesting. I use recon. So maybe that’s it? I doubt it would change menu options. But yeah I have prompts for right stick for help and left stick to cancel. Weird that it’s not B for everyone though. Glad to be of help.

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Yeah idk, I never changed anything for mine and it’s B, be super weird if button configs for normal interaction changed the menu layout. Might have to look into it.

Well don’t forget the vehicle button layout problem as a passenger vehicle controls still override your default controls so exit vehicle as well as grenade and melee get changed depending on which controller layout one uses.

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Yeah there is a UI hang up on showing “F for matchmaking” and “backspace to cancel matchmaking”, etc.

A lot of times the shortcut is working, but not shown in the lower legend.