How Do You Access Friend's Shared Files

How do I get a shared map variant off of a friend over xbox live? He is currently offline so I am not sure if that affects anything.

A lot easier if he’s online. Go to his name in your roster then select file share.

If he’s not online… bit harder but can be possible if he’s played some campaign.
Go to options & career, then leaderboards. If you know which campaign levels he’s completed, browse to that level (and the difficulty he completed it on), make it display friends only, then you should be able to select his name and then file share.

If only 343i displayed offline friends in the roster…

Lethal NZ explained the best way. Unfortunately 343i never solved the problem of how to make it easy to share custom games and maps to friends and to people in general. They need a Bungie’s Favorite type thing again like they had for Halo 3.

Thanks guys. Xbox One is much harder to access things from your friend’s accounts. Wish they would just bring the back the whole “Go to their file share” option on their account when you play halo.

I know this is an old topic, however with updates between now and then you can now get to a friends file share when they are offline. Simple open your roster in the main menu by pressing X, select your gamer tag and another side menus appears, go down to find player and input the gamer tag of whoever you are looking for. Hope this helps somebody

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> I know this is an old topic,


Please don’t revive old topics thanks, especially ones that are over 3 years old