How Do We Post Links?

I’ve seen several posts now with a user posting a link or oneboxing a video from YouTube on the forums, but when I try to do it, it doesn’t work. Does anyone know what’s going on with this?

Links aren’t allowed, so in order to include them in a post, you need to change it to plain text.

To do that, paste the link, then either remove everything before and after the link, or just convert it to preformatted text. . So, in this example, I highlighted the whole thing and clicked the Preformatted text button ( 5th button from the left) ). Alternatively, you can just add an accent mark at the beginning and end ( ` ).

[Halo Support (](

In this example, I've removed everything before and after the actual URL, so you end up with just plain text. You can then change it to preformatted text as noted above:

I’ve seen legitimate links in other posts before. That’s why I asked. If you go to the Badges page and look at the first link badge, it shows you everyone who’s posted a link. Most of them are 343 employees, but there’s a couple that aren’t. It’s what prompted me to even make this post.

Monitors/Mods can post links.
The one in the list of badges who is not a Monitor/Mod may have been at the time. Either that or they found a way to get around the restriction.

The ones on there who are not moderators or 343 members, are just regular members. The reason they have the badge is due to older posts being imported from the old site and links being preserved.


Any plans on allowing us to post links again?

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Thanks, bro. Appreciate the info

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