How Do We Follow The Halo Championship Series?

Can anyone provide me a logical way to follow the HCS as a fan? It is happening right now, the only schedule provided by 343 is a single article that lists no start or end times and lacks any info about when streams will happen.

The Twitter feed is full of nonsense and as of FOUR days before the first major event has yet to drop any info about Friday’s Kickoff Major.

How can I plan to watch the events? Where are the leaderboards and stats? Who is working on providing fans information to actually watch the series?

Why is every event a complete mystery until about 12 hours before the first games or sometimes even after the games start? lists the games that are being played, but this doesn’t seem to reflect on the streams and we currently just have to guess when and what we can watch.

This is supposed to be a championship series and a legit sport, why does it feel like an average joe running a weekend game stream?

Am I missing someone? I don’t want to rant and rave about it, I want it to improve. Imagine any other sport hiding all the game info until the game starts, not having an official website with rankings/roosters, and just organizing everything through Tweets… Please 343, we want to love the series, but you got to give us something to love.

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I’m not sure what you’re looking for specifically, or struggling to find currently… But there is this secton of the Raleigh forums.

Plus the HCS twitter will be posting regularly, as well as the live broadcast of the event. It will be live streamed, but there is no way for them to tell you EXACTLY when any team will be playing, because it’s an open pool, double elimination bracket, so there is NO way to know who will play when until closer to the time of the match. This is how pool play works, which is why the events last a whole weekend, instead of one day.


I did miss the single news post about Raleigh, but that still isn’t great as it is the 4th event of the series and only contained info on the Raleigh event. No times or event breakdowns were even done about the qualifiers or open series so far, but they were steamed and listed as official events.

My issues are with the fact that we are 4 events in and the only posting about any of them is a 2-month-old blog post on just Raliegh. I understand the pool play concept, but I don’t understand how they are going to push out results and such. Waiting for “Halo is Live” email updates from Twitch and checking if it is an HCS is not a great method of sending information along. The Twitter feed is fine, but they post things barely even a day in advance.

Where are the qualifier results? The open series results? I’d imagine they first round of the bracket since teams qualified for it, but where is that?

Just imagine the NFL or other sport being “hey, we have some games in a few months, here are some teams, find out anything more the second we go live during the first game… perhaps we will drop some info on Twitter the day before”. It just doesn’t work well. Not for a game that defined the sport and wants to return to that spot.

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Trust me it’s not worth following. It’s all a little click and they don’t care about you. Even one was caught cheating recently. It all stinks.

It would seem like they need assistance… producing the event.

Of course they don’t… They aren’t expected to care about anything besides winning.

It was Royal 2, he was determined guilty of geofiltering, nothing too serious but definitely hurts the scene.

where is this actually located specifically? I see nothing for it on Waypoint.

That’s what was caught. You have no idea how much goes behind the scenes that doesn’t get addressed. That’s why it’s a little tight knit community because it’s all about money not comepetive gameplay. You can tell. All the pros don’t care about this game. They just exsist as PR for HCS.

You mean Adderall? Outside of that, I have no idea what you are referring to.

Could you imagine making this argument for anything else? “NFL isn’t about competitive play its about making money” like bruh that’s the whole point behind the money, to encourage the competition.

Bold statement, considering that pros used to go negative by winning championships. Only in recent years (with Halo 5) has it actually been worthwhile money wise. Ogre 2/1 said they would’ve been better off financially never playing Halo competitively… So pretty crazy argument.

I think you got that backwards.


Micro glitching is when you do a glitch but it doesn’t appear on screen. Theres no official name for it. I’m just giving it a name for the sake of a conversation but many of these glitches only happen when you reach near perfection at high level play. In halo 5 for example there is maped out ability movements where you can know exactly when and where someone is ganna land with a thrust slide at a specific spot. Match these movements. Time them right and you break the game. It allows you bypass the limits of the game but that’s only when every jump is perfect and every turn around you do is exactly on the dime. You may see weird anomiles on someone else’s perspective but from the pov it looks normal because every move is being done perfectly. I’ll give an example. The lunge. Jump at the right time while around a corner and you can curve the lunge around the corner to back smack someone. It’s like keeping the light switch in the middle and the light is flickering. Some of these tricks are kept hidden until tourney days. Just like a fighter hides a special move for later on. This is cheating. One of the highest forms of it. What I gave you were only examples. Hundreds of these things were found in halo 5. Some were never fixed and a lot don’t even know they exsisted.

Out right glitches got reworked. Like the super slide in halo 5

Addy is still an issue. A big one because It can be taken in many forms and talking to the comepetive crowd it does still go on

Go back in try to find old streams of most of these pros or even videos. They don’t want Sprint. Now that it’s it’s main thing you do now In Halo infnite we are back to Halo 4 all over again…only difference being the slide and clamber. The game is already shell and it won’t be fleshed out for another few months or longer. All they can say is the game is “good” but them actually liking it? I don’t buy it

Yes the whole point is to make money in competition. That’s not the money I’m talking about. The money is from you guys. The people who buy the skins that support the tournaments. The entire system is desinged for you to pay into it. I’m not talking about the pros making money. I’m talking about the pros making 343 money

All of this and I still haven’t mentioned the server manipulations that were never caught.

The pros claiming they went with 343 with feedback in reality they already knew nothing was changing.

All of this spilled into the forge community as well when forge maps started coming out for arena. A lot of he said she was listening and she said he was not listening type of stuff.

On top that a lot of them are toxic in private.

I can go on. There is a lot wrong with the competitive scene that a lot aren’t aware of.

My main point is. It’s not worth it to follow.

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Follow the HCS Twitter and the official Youtube Halo Channel. Also, don’t believe what everyone’s saying on the internet. Support it if you enjoy it brother.

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Is there a way to get regular updates on Xbox? I don’t really use any of the popular social platforms. I just want an easy way to know when any major Halo tournaments are streamed live.

Just wanted to sum up this whole paragraph, hope I did it justice. Pros will exploit as much as they can to win, that much is certain. For example, it was just found out that you can double shot via thruster in the game, is that cheating to you? If it is bad for competitive play then they can just make it illegal via the rulebook (like glitching out of the map is, for example) but if its fair and/or good then they can keep it in.

Everybody and their mums have made a stance about sprint, this is not surprising. They don’t waste their time arguing against it because it won’t matter. That being said they can dislike a few aspects of a game but still enjoy it as a whole.

Yeah but if there was no reason to host tourneys they wouldn’t, just seems like an odd thing to be upset about.

That’s your choice. You are free to decide whatever you do with your money/time.