How do shoulder pauldrons rotate?

Self explanatory in the title. I notice that in infinite the shoulder pauldrons seem to constantly shift and rotate around on the shoulder. Is that a design function of Mark VII or is it just non canon for game design

The pieces of MJOLNIR armor, at least in GEN1, are moved based on the integrated liquid metal crystal layer which connects to the pieces of armor, and provides the additional force. The armor moves around the liquid metal crystal layer and the internal padding, so movement is impeded as minimally as impossible. I assume the same happens with GEN3, the Halo Infinite armor.

Not sure thats quite what I was referring to. I had meant more so in how it is fastened to the arm plates. Most of the shoulder armor in infinite doesnt look like its fastened much at all and kind of just floats atop the shoulder

I assume it’s just attached on by some sort of slider and once it’s slid in, a mechanical clip (so to speak) is clipped down and doesn’t budge because I assume the parts are able to be taken off and replaced with other parts to meet the Spartan’s mission needs as missions change. That’s the only thing I can think of which also ensures that the piece won’t fall off easily