how do recieve content updates

Every time a content update notification apears to say it has been released it says that the next time you log into halo mcc you will be prompted to download content update, does that mean turning on halo mcc and it will ask you to update, or do i log into this halo website to recieve it, if someone could shed some light on the subject it would be appreciated, it takes long periods of time for some matches to find players some just keep searching and im not sure if a ranking system has been released for all the game types if has been would be nice to have makes things more interesting. Thank you.

Generally if you are playing the game at the time that an update is released, you will be prompted that an update is ready and be asked to download it. If you are not playing, then your console settings determine how the update is applied:
If you have your xbox set to instant on and for updates to install automatically, then any game updates will download and install while your xbox is off.
If you don’t have those options set, then the next time you load the game up it will tell you that there is an update ready to install.
Sometimes even with auto updates enabled you will still see the prompt, depending on how close the time is between you loading the game and the update being to you

To check if you have updates set to auto install, go into your xbox settings and then look under power options

Thank you very much for replying i wasn’t sure if anyone would reply. I checked and yes it is set to automaticly update, perhaps the constant searching for players has to do with my location. Has there been an update for ranking systems because all of the game types say uranked but the halo 2 anniversary says im rank 1 but it does not display any xp points or change in rank when ive played a match i have searched the internet but it comes up with how ranking works or will work just wondering if you may know. I have checked halo multplayer section and it does seem to be updating because i have team ball now instaid of team snipers. Thank you again for replying.

If you have difficulty searching, you could try a hard reset of your console - hold in the power button for thirty seconds, unplug the power brick for one minute, switch back on and load the game. If you find you are searching for more than a few minutes, back out and restart the search. Hopefully that helps you out :slight_smile: