How do people turn around so fast?

How do people turn around so fast? I’ll be behind someone, going in for the kill, and they magically turn around in the blink of an eye and use whatever power weapon they happen to have to kill me.

When I try to turn around, it’s very slow.

erm… they use there thumb on the controller to turn around!
Maybe sensitivity increases it a touch but I havent noticed!

It’s your controller sensitivity. Recently turned mine from 3 to 10, it’s worlds better.

Increased sensetivity…

As mentioned it is probably the sensitivity they use. However, be careful if you change yours as higher isn’t necessarily (or even usually) better.

Alrighty, thanks guys!


It can help improve your gameplay but also make it worse if you’re not used to it.

Lag could also be one of them depending on the situation because I’ve seen times I’ve had the enemy melee me with his back to me and his character then turned around.

But you can notice the difference between a bit of lag and sensitivity.

If you like long range combat a lot I wouldn’t recommend jumping up to a high level really fast because I find it safer around 5 for that type of combat.

You can even get custom controllers that have increased thumbstick sensitivity. I forget what its called. My cousin uses one.

Anyways, using that controller forced me from playing at 5 to playing at 2 and it still felt like playing on 10. Majority of the time though, its probably lag or they have a higher sensitivity.

Increased sensitivity. I usually play on 7, some people can handle 10, I think thats alittle much. Playing on a lower sensitivity isn’t bad either, it all depends on whats comfortable with you.

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And this is why we can’t have nice things.

On topic what am I doing on these forums again? This game is awful.

I usually put my sensitivity up all the way