How do i unlock SPEC- Torso and Helmet?

I beat the stages, unlocked the shoulders, but how do i unlock the other 2? anyone have a pic of the codes they could post or give me some info on what to do please? Thank you very much anyone who helps me ^.^

i dont know what order the second code is in but if you go to the original code and press y it will show more pages there you will find a second code

Where do you guys find the codes? I beat the missions but I didn’t get any codes?

If you go to the waypoint app on Xbox click on the latest news section. There will be in the latest news a picture of the first code sequence. Press Y on the controller to show more and a box will drop down saying classified. Click on it and it will show you the second sequence. I’m not going to tell you how to complete it, just that it requires just a bit of trial and error and that the subject of the code is progression.