how do i play Grifball

Have 343 put grifball into multiplayer yet? Is there a way to play it. i.e going on playlist CTF and choose it as one of the options to veto for.

no… e_e

What’s the deal here? Why is Grifball not in the game from launch? When is it getting added? Anyone know anything?

It’s not in mm. But it’s in custom games

I can’t make a new thread to ask because there’s already a Grifball thread.

Short answer: Read the most recent Halo Bulletin.

Long answer: They will be inserting “rotational” playlists over the coming weeks (SWAT tomorrow.) These playlists will give them an idea of how popular a certain gametype actually is rather than just listening to the vocal ones on the forums. If the gametype consistently has more players than some static playlists, they will consider making it permanent.

Now, my personal thought is that once they introduce the CSR (Competitive Skill Ranking) a.k.a. 1-50 ranks, things like SWAT, Grifball, Big Team CTF, etc will become a more permanent addition due to the competitive nature.

Hopefully, they do just that. I miss me some SWAT and Grifball.

They said it was going to be it’s own game mode, not just a playlist.