how do i open my nat in halo reach

my nat use to be open but now its now moderate how do i open it, also my upstream bandwidth is warning

My NAT has been having the same problem. It was always open then over the past few days it has shifted between open and moderate.

As for your upstream bandwidth don’t worry about it. You have to have like a 35Mbps upload to not have the warning message. You don’t need that much upstream bandwidth to play Halo Reach.

okay i really want to fix this problem my game lags to much and im not having any fun

Probably not a big problem. My NAT was always open until it started to fluctuate from moderate to open right when nearly every Reach game was a lagfest.
I’d imagine a lot of players are experiencing the same difficulties.

i fixed it, just reset router and moved it :slight_smile:

My good sir, take a look at this. This should help if you need anymore