How do I make my own challenges?

Anyone know? Thanks

> Anyone know? Thanks

U can’t unfortunaly.


WTF?! Aren’t challenges put up by the developers? I suppose you could tell yourself, “I will try and get 5 sword kills this match.” Or, “I’m gonna try for 10 regicides this game.”

With there being so many challanges a week plus the monthy challang ethere really is no need for custom ones

How long did it take for reach to let you do that?
( Played at launch and never really played again )

Can’t. It’d be nice though.

They already said that custom challenges would be back.

And there’s a section got “Waypoint Challenges” under the Challenges tab in Halo 4.

Must be released somewhat soon I bet. But I presume they didn’t allow it on release because you can get many credits if you decide to farm. (not like you can’t on Spart Ops)

well that reallly just is a knife in the back

> hey and if anyone knows how to be able to access theater mode on halo 4 i have a flash drive plugged into a 4GB andit’s 8 Gb ? help here? it won’t let me access it?