How do I make a Mantis walk? I’ve spent hours!

Need help plz. I’m trying to script a mantis to walk. Nothing more. Anyone know how?

move & velocity offset ain’t doin’ the trick. Nore is timer

Search the pre-script!!!

I actually found out recently that you can move objects based on their label. I am able to script weapon pads though it technically isn’t possible.

Set a label on the Mantis to Alpha object. Just click the object and under the team affiliated tab, there should be a label tab.

Now set the Script exactly how you have been setting it. With a timer and a move action. Obviously, you can’t seem to get this work…

On the Action part of the Script it should have a TARGET tab. Open that and change the label there to Alpha object, same label as the Mantis.

Now the script will move all objects related to Alpha. This is better to use a script brain so you do not have the script tied to a mantis.

Hopefully that helps.