how do I know if I got the 1.4 GB patch?

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I was wondering the same thing.

I received the message from 343 saying the update was available, but no prompt to download anything. I checked by games & apps queue to see if anything downloaded, but no sign of the update.

To make matters even more confusing, I was able to make it into a team slayer Halo CE match and noticed there were no more hitbox noises. Does this mean I have the update?

Still having major issues with parties trying to make it into matchmaking and when we do, we somehow get split up between teams. I really want to keep a positive outlook, but a lot of my friends have given up and moved on to other games at this point.

Same here I am about to return this until they do something drastic

No H1 hit noises is part of the update, which might mean you have it.

The Xbox One does automatic updates for the console AND your games if it is off. This may have happened for you guys, but the best way to check is to quit the game, and hard reset your Xbox (hold the Xbox Button on the console for about 10 seconds until it turns off). Then restart it and open up Halo.

If it doesn’t prompt an update, I’m pretty sure that means you have it.

Does anyone know what the GB size of the game with the update included is?

Start a custom Halo 2A and finish it completely. If it says “You finished -1th,” you don’t have the patch.

There should be some kind of version number somewhere. I don’t know if this game is the same, but in Halo 2 in the corner it would say Perhaps in the memory tab in the dashboard. It’s gotta be there somewhere, but then again maybe 343 left that part out, too.

You would know if you got the patch if you saw the screen where it told you to download the patch and then you downloaded it. Jesus Christ.

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> You would know if you got the patch if you saw the screen where it told you to download the patch and then you downloaded it. Jesus Christ.

This is based on the belief that 343 knows how to provide a logical and complete product… but wait why are we on this forum???

So you actually got a prompt to download it? Do us a favor, if you did in fact get the prompt, press start on your game on your dashboard and go to Manage Game and see how many GB’s you got and what region you are in. I have the Bandana Skull from gamestop pre-order and it shows it in my files but it does not show any update. Does your show the update as a separate file?

I just want someone to play with. I have an xbox 1 and MCC so if you want to do a custom games with your friends and me for H2 and H4. My gamertag is TGHSoul

bump… does anyone have a method to prove 100% you have the patch?

I saw on another forum that someone from the UK with a digital copy was at 58GB and then uninstalled and reinstalled and it went up to 59.1GB. However I have a friend that said he got the prompt for the update on 11/20 and he is at 59.1GB and that the update does not show up as a separate file on his HDD which means it must be bundled with all the game files and from what I can tell there is no way to see what is in the game file. I think I am gonna try to uninstall and reinstall just for piece of mind. Probably wont do anything but maybe it’ll make me feel better, doubtful.

btw I am at 59.1GB and am in the USA. Yesterday I also noticed the Halo2A FFA playlist but I couldnt find a game at all. The fact that I saw it makes me think that I do have the update but the fact that I cant find a match makes me question it. I wish they put a “Ver 1.XX” when the game loads up to let you know what you got.

They should update it so that it shows the version update of the game in the main menu. All previous Halo titles did this…