How do I keep my Prefabs from falling apart when I move them?

Whenever I try to move a prefab from one part of the map to another, all the constituent pieces get disjointed and start configuring themselves in chaotic clumps.
I literally cannot move a Prefab a foot without it exploding.
This happened to me in Halo 5, but I honestly assumed it would be fixed by now.
Am I missing something?

From what I’ve seen so far, if your movement setting is in object mode instead of world mode, it’s more likely to cause misalignment issues. Also, there are certain objects such as primitive blocks that are prone to wildly rotating out of position if you have them slanted at certain angles. If you have that particular problem, try using alternative object types if possible- basic walls and floors often work just as well as primitive blocks and in some cases maybe less likely to misalign. Lastly you should probably only move your prefabs in the precision speed setting and make sure that when you have it where you want it, that you come to a full stop before releasing it. Moving and releasing simultaneously often results in misalignment. Hopefully future updates will fix this problem.

Best I’ve figured out at this point is :: It’s all about holding everything in place for a couple seconds…AFTER you’ve moved it, but BEFORE you release the button that “lets go” of the prefab.

I think before I was just dragging to the place I wanted and releasing immediately, before the computer had a chance to “catch up with the math”.