How do I get this maps on Reach?

So, I got CEA. Nice.

And I wanna start playing Reach again, more modes and maps. Anyway says I have to buy the maps. Yet I know there’s a way to D/L them for free.

How do I do this?

Thank you

the game should bring you a map pack for downloading it check it

In the case of Anniversary there should be a paper with the code for the Anniversary Multiplayer Map Pack download.

Just go to Xbox and redeem the code and it will be downloaded to your HDD or where you want it to be.

Once done that, insert Halo Reach’s original disc and you’ll be able to use them as any other map pack.

If it didn’t come with anything like that ask the shop you bought it at for one if you suspect they can have forgot it or was openned before you got it.