How do I get my XBL/HWP account synced with Steam?

I originally made a post about this in the HWP support forum, but that doesn’t seem to get traffic, and I would really, really love to be able to get some assistance with this issue since it is negatively impacting my enjoyment of MCC.

All I want is for my friends scores/times to actually show up in game. Currently, if I visit leaderboards, none of my friends show up. After a bunch of obnoxious troubleshooting, I finally determined that I would somehow need to create an Xbox Live account on PC and link it with my Steam account. So I went through the trouble of getting the Xbox Windows app, creating an XBL account (I have never owned an Xbox console), and then linking that to my Steam account. Did that solve the issue? No, of course not. I was also told that doing this would allow my Halo Waypoint profile to be updated with my game progress, but that too shows 0% completion on everything Halo related.

Since this has gone on, I have continued to play and gain progress/achievements, none of which are showing up on my XBL or HWP profiles, and my XBL friends DO NOT show up in game for me despite having my XBL and Steam accounts linked.

Please help. This process is atrocious and I just want it resolved. It’s extremely frustrating, especially when my friend tells me it’s working just fine for him and he didn’t have to do anything special to get it to work.