how do i get my map into the community forge


community forge test play list…

Who knows? Unless your some famous forger 343 couldn’t give a rats toss-bag. There is no submissions or anything like that so good-luck to you.

wish they open the online file share so could have a premium forge for halo 4, i had the highest rated map on there for reach but they took down the premium forge

remade made the map and upgraded it people dig it and say its good i just want it tested to see how good…

Good on ya for forgin but 343 don’t care to be honest. The forge playlist is a gonski soon and the maps in it will be ‘integrated’ into matchmaking.

After that, god knows how anymore forge maps will be submitted. I know Bungie held a comp with Reach where they picked out a ton of maps for matchmaking and big team but 343 to run that, sheesh no chance.

People at 343i have access to computers. They can find your maps if you post them nicely on the internet and they look good.

i hear ya, well im gonna keep forging and keep hearing from people how much my maps deserve a chance

as long as i know my maps are good and get played every so often thats what counts

i understand almond i sent pms ta bs angel,

one maps upper deck 1.2 i was thinking of removing the yellow lights

its a remake of the halotrakcers top rated map when i was cap2dazero

Get chosen.


I would totally promote the hell out of it. Youtube videos, forum posts, reddit posts, tweet, facebook etc.

still need it test sum noone plays halo with me anymore almost every friend on my list used to play everyday with me now noone could use some friends add me cups half full im a nice guy

You make a good map (or just remake a map that everyone has remade and hope yours is the shiniest) and hope 343 notices.

There will probably be some voteing system or somthing or some submission system forge playlist will stay for another weak along wit the return of grifball.