How do I fly the UNSC Pelican?

Full disclosure: I’ve had MCC since it was first available, but I’d never played it due to the lack of server browsers. I’d check it out here and there over the past couple months but never really played a full game.

Today, I jumped into a game with a UNSC Pelican. The gunners are easy to use, but I could not figure out how to fly the thing. I pressed every key I could think of, nothing happened. I use a keyboard and mouse. Playing on Windows 10 Steam download.

So, how do you fly this thing? I can’t even get it off the ground. BTW I did Google and couldn’t find a page with controls which worked. Am I supposed to bind keys prior to loading the game?

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Is this what you’re after?

You have to go into the New Alexandria mission and perform specific things in order to fly it, and at the point where you can actually use it it’s useless as the mission is basically over

In multiplayer the pelican is only officially flyable in Halo 4. There is a cockpit toward the front that allows you to enter with the action key. The Pelican was added as a prop to Halo Reach forge, but is not flyable. If players were flying a pelican in Reach multiplayer it was most likely some kind of modded map.

Here is video of a modded map that allows for flying the pelican on PC only. The map passes anti cheat.

This video is a great starting point. Right now Halo: Reach has about three hidden items (there’s also about 8 invisible walls on every map) on Forge World. Anyone can spawn in the Pelican prop but there’s another Pelican forge object and that’s the one seen in this video. Spartans can hop in the back seats and Spartans can hop in the gunner seat, but unfortunately it is not flyable. Elites cannot enter it (that has to do with animations, I think).

It is possible to fly it but it’s complicated. It’s done via some Assembly pokes. A PC player has to host a custom game with Easy Anti-Cheat off and then anyone else can join. This method does allow anyone to fly the Pelican without mods. I don’t know the details on how to do that.

TL;DR: There’s no way to fly it. The gunner seat and passenger seats are all that works. If you see someone flying it in the Custom Game Browser it’s just someone attaching the Pelican model to a Falcon or Banshee. You’ll be able to tell because you can walk through it.