how do halo 5 forge files work??

so yeah i tried to google this first to save space on the forums but theres nothing… “how do halo 5 forge files work” gives non answering results that are like 4.5 years old and im still here wondering how these work. I was having a look and saw some playable pelican thing that I wanted to muck around in for a bit but… it lets me like, something else, save a copy and stuff (which only appears to reupload it with my name) and nothing else that screams obvious.

How do i get this “playable pelican” thing to work, how do these halo 5 forge files work??

If you are trying to use it in forge, just go to the prefabs tab and use the filters to search for what you want. Then there should be an option to spawn it into your world.

Hard for me to explain over waypoint. For the playable pelican (which I have tried myself and it’s pretty fun) you select prefabs and look through it. It is very popular so it shouldn’t be hard to find.