How do Halo 4 Spartans sit down?

Answer: Very Uncomfortably. (As the picture from the wiki, clearly shows… (for some reason you cant link images here… oh well.) Halo Alpha | Fandom)

They have arseplates… why?
Have you ever tried sitting on a 9 inch think piece of metal that doesnt cover your entire -Yoink- before? I have, its uncomfortable… you rock around uncontrollably and it generally involves a lot of fidgeting… Not great when piloting a Warthog im sure.

Horrah for small, pointless threads.

> Horrah for small, pointless threads.

Exactly my reaction.

Welp, what if there’s cushioning on the inside of those plates?

What has this got to do with Halo 4?


> Spartans don’t feel pain, they cherish it!

How can they cherish something they don’t feel?

The plates on the outside do not interfere with the oh so comfy and squishy undersuit filled with hydrostatic gel.
Spartans aren’t princesses who can’t sleep on 18 mattresses because there’s a pea under the bottom one.


> What has this got to do with Halo 4?

Did you really just ask that?

Actually, having looked at it closely for 26 hours and studied human anatomy extensively for the past 19 seconds, it appears, depending on how they sit, that it could be some horrific posture enhancement device.

You sit down, the plate digs into the chair and forces itself into your back, curving your spine until eventually you look like the freakishly malformed female Spartans of Halo Reach. Of course it will most likely just clip inexplicably with everything… but sometimes you have to suspend disbelief i suppose.

On a side note… Don’t you think that the new Spartans are weirdly thin?
Maybe that’s why the ‘hydro-static’ gel suits look like medieval scale mail now… to hide their bulging, unsightly rib bones.
To the untrained eye, it may appear that i don’t like the appearance of the new Spartans… and that’s because i don’t!