How do Custom Challenges Work on halo reach?

I am not sure if i am posting this the right way, but yesterday i decided to visit this site again, and saw that you can create your own challenges, i was wondering if someone could give me a step by step on how to use this in my halo reach game and how to complete ther custom challenges. any help would be greatly appreiciated…

  1. Visit the Challenges page on Halo Waypoint -

  2. Create a custom challenge using the options available to you on that page

  3. Lets say you set a challenge for 400 kills in Matchmaking Firefight, head into Score Attack or Firefight in Matchmaking and get 400 kills.

  4. Once you have achieved 400 kills, there will be an option on the Challenges page to turn in your challenge.

  5. After you have turned in the challenge, the credits will be added to your account either the next time you launch Reach, or the next time you finish a game.

The post-game credits won’t make any mention of the custom challenges because they were added after Reach came out.

invite me to a challenge.

Better make th most of the challenges. Starting next month, this service will be discontinued and no longer available on Halo Waypoint.

Community Engineer Phil Mitchell. Havent seen that Rank before. I though you went from Superintendent to Montior.

They need to bring back Halo Reach custom challenges and the option to enter the glyph codes for Halo 4 on the waypoint site. 343i and Microsoft are ruining Halo. I was a big fan but now I do not think I will ever upgrade to an Xbox One if this is how it be run. I will probably not purchase live either anymore. I think I would honestly rather play Destiny on Playstation 3 at this point because Microsoft is really beginning to annoy me.