How do casual Halo players play this game?

I have played this game over the last week and I can’t seem to find a place for a casual player like myself. Casual players is what built Halo into what it is today and strict SBMM is what’s been driving it into the ground. 343i seem to have this idea that everyone wants to be an esports pro and to get Halo to be the face of Esports alongside call of duty and games like.
Halo use to be a friendly place for casual gamers where you could play with a few friends and have a laugh but its clear that these memories will forever be a thing of the past. You can tell this from the fact that still to this day there is no playlist for fun game modes like infection or King of the hill and how you perform well in a game and you are punished into playing a sweat fest. I don’t mind loosing a fair game but when its because the servers are stacking the odds in your favour because you done well its complete bulls**t. Also what about people with bad connection due to location or internet speed. It makes it hard for them to find games that don’t lag because the servers match on skill and not connection. Halo will never live up to the hype of Halo 3 again because 343i are trying to turn the game into something it was never supposed to be. Halo is not a game for intense esports.
343i if your reading this (Which most likely your not) is it too much to ask for you to turn down SBMM on casual playlists and just have it heavily implemented on ranked. If the line is blurred between the 2 then what’s the point in ranked in the 1st place? People who play ranked want to improve their skills and be the best they can. People who play casual like myself have had a long day at work and simply wanna relax and have fun. I cant do that if every game I am playing I am getting my -Yoink!- handed to me in a gold frame. Rather than trying to appeal to different communities cant you just be happy with the 1 you have already? Because you’re bleeding Halo fans faster than you can pull people in. Why kill the community that built this game? Just remember without casual Halo players this game isn’t gonna last 10 months let alone 10 years. In which case you won’t sell your overpriced micro-transactions then.
I don’t want SBMM to be removed, I just want it to not be so strict in the casual playlists. Connection should be the priority NOT skill. All the feedback I am seeing from this game so far is SBMM is annoying, BTB doesn’t work, the customisation sucks, Micro-transactions are a rip off, the battle pass is crap and over priced and the core gameplay is good when you can get into a working match that isn’t a mosh pit of cheeks being clapped so hard it hurts. Call of duty is a game built for esports sweats but Halo is not so stop trying to appeal to a community who don’t like the game.


I would actually like the SBMM level to be visible. I’m sure most people are curious where the game thinks each player is, since Infinite has no levelling system. Sometimes when I play with friends, we get dragged into the sweatiest 4v4 matches all night long. I have over 500 matches, but I’m sure that my SBMM can’t be that impressive when friends have maybe 150 matches. I would like to know what my placement is, and whether we get dragged into sweaty matches if only one fireteam member has a good SBMM level or if it’s based on all players in the fireteam

I have a similar feeling. Sometimes I feel like everyone is a gawd-damn pro. Typically, when population gets low, you’re only left with good players. - but I don’t know the state of the population

There are also only hardcore playlists, including Fiesta, cause it feels like an MLG game half the time, lmao

My only social experience right now is my Ranked Platinum in Solo / Controller queue. :rofl:


The only thing the removal of SBMM would do is have most matches become stomps for the team with better players. You’re still going to be destroyed by better players on a regular basis with or without SBMM.


Good point. It needs to be 1or2 good players, 1or2 average, and a bad player. Halo has always played best “casually” with mixture of skills.

I’m starting to think desync is related to the sbmm

I agree with the original post here completely. I have been playing halo since 2003 and I have always considered myself pretty decent. This is the first Halo where I have little to no sense of accomplishment because I can not see any improvement. The better I get the harder the matches get for me so it feels like I am doing worse. Very frustrating. The only way I can see how much better I have gotten is if I play with less skilled friends and they bring the average player skill down. Then I do great, but my friends are punished for playing with me because sbmm brings the relative opponent skill up to be higher than theirs. So now I feel like I can’t even play with my friends, which has always been my favorite part of Halo.

Sadly, I have quit playing Halo Infinite for now. Hopefully 343 does come around to lowering the sbmm on the casual game types, but my fingers aren’t crossed. It is very disappointing.