How did you get good at Halo 5

I first played Halo CE when I was 8 years old, I remember playing Co-op on the demo before the game came out. I still remember the level ended with a Sword Elite just around a corner and you had to kill him with a rocket launcher or he would wipe the team in like 2 seconds. I still remember being frustrated that we couldn’t pick up the energy sword. I didn’t even own an Xbox back then, so I only played whenever I went to my buddy’s house.
Then halo 2 came out, a couple of months passed and I managed to convince my parents to get me a green box. I played the H2 campaign but I was terrible. I was stuck for months on that goddamned flood infested elevator in quarantine zone.
At the end of the H2 life was then introduced to competitive halo through my cousin. We played some 1v1 and I got completely destroyed with some double battle-rifle shots and BXR BXB -Yoink- I didn’t even know existed. I only got Xbox Live a year into Halo 3 when I got my Xbox 360, and decided to get good at that game, so I played around 5000 games of H3 in 3-4 years, only got to rank 49 in lone wolves, but I was more of a team slayer player. Most of my time was spent playing social slayer solo and I was destroying people. I would get 20+ kills games like 60-70% of the time. I felt I could out-BR/snipe almost anyone most of the time.
Then I basically stopped playing a couple of months into Reach after my Xbox red ringed and became more of a PC gamer ( starcraft )

Fast forward a few years, I bought an Xbox One a couple of weeks ago, I played a lot of Halo 5, thinking I would come back, play a few dozen games and be back to my old self.
I could’t have been more wrong. I just can’t seem to get good at this game.I’m having trouble finishing my kills with the magnum, so I find myself relying too much on BR/DMR and other weapons on the map. I’m starting to improve, but I feel Everything is way too fast; Player movement (sprint+jump+thruster) & TTK and the aiming still feels weird. I’m just starting to improve my gameplay and map knowledge so I will keep playing, but would really like some help in upping my game.
The sandbox feels great though, EVERY weapon is useful and can be powerful in particular scenarios.

So I would like to know and some of you became good at Halo 5 Arena. What do you think are the most important aspects to focus on to be successful ? Strategies, etc…
Any input would be greatly appreciated. My playlist of choice is Team Slayer, so the free-for-all aspect is less important.

Map awareness is key. Learn the maps and the best ways to get around them by using your spartan abilities. There are many opportunities to flank the enemy that may be hidden at first such as openings up on walls that you can clamber through.

As a veteran of Halo as well, started with H2, I will say this… H5 took me the longest to get used to. One thing about H5 you kinda have to leave your comfort zone as well and mess with some of the settings like look sensitivity and aim acceleration. I had to turn both of them up. I didn’t mess with the “dead zones”. H5 is a pretty solid game just takes longer to adjust too. Since you are fairly new I will also tell you with these reality packs open silver packs till they refund two 1500 point req cards instead of unlocks then move on to golds. Doing that will prevent you from getting silver level items at gold pack cost. Other than that you just have to be really patient with this game. Especially now since the majority of the population is probably those of us who have been playing awhile.

You’ll have to do what you did in H3 and that’s just play a lot of games. As you get more comfortable with the aiming, you might wanna consider messing with the aiming sensitivities to find something you really like. Also, you’ll want to get good with the abilities so you can incorporate them into your movement and strafing.

You gotta be quick on the trigger.
I miss slower games… :anguished:

All great advise! Practice, practice, practice this is a key. Also don’t get discouraged, the more I get upset, the more I play bad. There is a learning curve to this game. Try all the different playlists, don’t forget, there is a ton of custom games. It will get better so don’t give up. Happy Haloing.

Practice, practice, and more practice. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true.

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> Practice, practice, and more practice. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true.

This. It’s especially necessary with the new spartan abilities.

Maybe have a look at YouTube and follow Proximitty as I find him really good, he has a good clip on how to get better with the Magnum which I found really useful.

I have to say that having an Elite controller helped me more than I realized. Once I had to do without one I noticed a difference. With the multiple button combinations that we didn’t have in the older Halo games it makes a difference not to have to take your thumb off the stick.

Honestly, because Halo 5 is more of a twitch shooter than anything else, the best way to get good is to just play…and play…and play some more.
There are some people that never get to be truly great even after hundreds of hours of play, but practice is the best way.

  • Avoid playing too many lazy modes that will make you sloppy. If you are playing BTB/WZ use them to practice your shot, and don’t focus on the vehicles or AI enemies. - Play a lot of ranked, and be ready to LOSE a lot of ranked. Losing makes you so much better than winning does, when you’re losing you constantly think about what you can do to turn the match around, you develop winning strategies that over time, you naturally start to do without thinking about. This gets jammed into your brain over time and therefore you can think about other plays while making plays that you used to have to focus on. - Keep pushing. Dropping from one class down to another (EG: From plat back to gold) can be devastating, but losing days and loss streaks happen to everyone, this is part of the process. Winning streaks happen too, you’ll make it back up. - Practice using power weapons. Be the person on your team that picks them up and don’t be afraid to fail with them. Don’t switch to your Magnum just because you think you’re gonna miss that no-scope. Getting good with power weapons and learning to control them will improve your play dramatically. - Don’t complain about the smurfs, learn from the smurfs. Smurfs will try to out-aim you, outmaneuver you, and crush you with map awareness. When facing a smurf, try to be unpredictable. Stay off the radar, get in close range with ARs and stay just out of melee range, and play in a way that makes their advantages useless: they win because they know what you’re going to do before you do it, so do something else. - Try to be more aware of where your team is and who is fighting. There’s a good chance if you know where one enemy is, there is another one just around the next corner. - If you’re losing a gunfight and can’t run away, don’t panic throw grenades. Use your thrusters and shoot back, you’d be amazed how many kills you can get on people who have already damaged you, they’ll mess their aim up, and you’ll have them dead to rights. - Shoot at EVERYONE. It can be hard to tell when an enemy is damaged, just get shots on them. If you have magnum ammo and you can see an enemy that you aren’t trying to sneak up on, put shots on them. Just do it. It will improve your winrate by more than you expect. - Don’t be afraid to be that guy. If you have the scattershot or brute rifle, there is no reason not to try to sneak up on or ambush people around corners. This is tactical, and it works. Punish the twitchy children that try to play too fast. - Never be the first person to touch a power weapon at the start of a match. You’ll get toasted. Set up an ambush for the moron on the enemy team that’s going to do this. Nadeshot kills in less than half a second, learn to do it and you’ll get a free kill and a power weapon when the match starts.I’m sure I can think of a lot more, but there are some tipperinos.
    If I were you, I would pick one of these tips each match and focus on that one thing for that game. (of course, making sure it’s relevant for the game, don’t try to play anti-smurf if you aren’t facing a smurf.) Then pick a new thing for the next game. Over time, they’ll become natural.

I pretty much just kept playing till I eventually gotten good. I’m pretty good at Halo, I can go really good & sometimes bad, but I’m strangely Pro at Destiny 2

Turn of the dead zones… its imperative. Alot of people will talk about positioning, communication yada yada. until your onyx league. keep working on your aim. dont be afraid to re adjust your settings alot. i mean alot till you really know where the gravy zone is

I didn’t… a month in and the multiplayer is a struggle.

When it comes down to improving in Halo 5, there are a few things I can offer:

  • Practice makes perfect! The base Magnum is a solid all-around weapon which had helped many players build their skill. - Watch / look up tips and tricks from other players or from Halo Youtube channels. LukeTheNotable is a great source. - Mess around with the numerous weapons and vehicles to figure out how to use them and know about their unique strengths and weaknesses. Not every weapon and vehicle will behave the same way. - Explore the maps and figure out any useful routes which may help you win / evade gunfights. - Tweak your sensitivity settings to suit your playstyle; are you one to throw yourself into the fray? High sensitivities. Are you one who likes to stand back from a distance? Low sensitivities.

I’ll let you know as soon as I get good.

I don’t want to bring you down, my friend, but I’ve been playing this game since the beta (and Halo in general since CE) and this is the one where they’ve changed things up to the point that in two years of “practice” I’ve actually got worse because I can’t see a path forward to improvement and I’ve stopped trying. In order to improve at something you have to be able to learn from your mistakes, and you have to believe that practice will yield results. I haven’t learned anything from Halo 5 except that things I used to be able to do I can no longer do, and no amount of practice makes any difference whatsoever. So for me H5 is a gameplay dead end. Skill ceiling too high? Skill gap too wide? Skill floor too high? I don’t know and I don’t care anymore. I only know that the game is unplayable unless by “playable” we mean that a constant string of 4 and 17 matches against players of middling skill is the new definition of fun.

I got better just playing the game and eventually learning my mistakes. My biggest advice is try to stay calm. The more tilted you get the more your performance drops

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> You’ll have to do what you did in H3 and that’s just play a lot of games. As you get more comfortable with the aiming, you might wanna consider messing with the aiming sensitivities to find something you really like. Also, you’ll want to get good with the abilities so you can incorporate them into your movement and strafing.


improvise, adapt, overcome.

just practice a bit, you’ll pick up on how things work fairly quickly and get an idea on how maps/spawning are, try fiesta, its the best way to practice with different weapons